Super Easy To Use

  • Takes minutes to learn
  • Extremely well designed
  • Works the way an estimator thinks
  • Accepts virtually all file types
  • Quickly breaks down files with multiple images

Fabulous Direct Interface with Excel

  • Stores takeoffs in YOUR spreadsheet
  • Color coded pictures of each takeoff
  • Remembers where the drawing is on your PC
  • Share takeoff images & files with fellow workers



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Other Products

Use your mouse to measure AREAS, LENGTHS, COUNTS, VOLUMES. Store the color coded (printable) pictures in your existing EXCEL™ spreadsheet.
  QuickMeasure OnScreen

Pays for itself in printing costs alone!


Less Expensive


» To buy
» No multiple license maintenance fees (the others don’t tell you about this)

  A Few Extras
  • Preset colors for fast work or change them “on the fly”
  • Friendly & flexible calculators convert areas to volumes, English to metric, adds pitch to roof areas, etc.
  • Import images from Google Earth for a takeoff! Paper plan? Photograph it and import for takeoff!
  • Free spreadsheet if you don’t have one. There’s more!


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